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Mammogram Debate: Why Breast Cancer Risks are Higher for Younger Women

And so the mammography debate goes on. A new study from the journal Cancer was just released, refuting guidelines by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPTF) to defer mammography until age 50. View Full Post


How Binge Drinking Increases Breast Cancer Risk for Young Women

It’s fall, and it’s back to college for many young woman. Back to catching up with friends, sports practice, studying and—for even more young women than men—binge drinking. Two big studies out in the past few months—one from Harvard Medical School -- noted that college-age women binge drink more than men their age. View Full Post

Back to School: Adjusting to Earlier Bedtimes

One the best things about summer for kids is staying up later than usual. In this video, Dr. Daria Long Gillespie, Executive Vice President, Clinical Strategy at Sharecare and emergency room doctor in the Emory University Hospital Emergency Department, shares tips on how to help kids adjust to a ready-for-school bedtime routine. View Full Post


The Truth About Medicine and Heart Disease

Over 25 years ago I completed a fellowship in the field of Preventive Cardiology, which was a relatively new concept at the time. The idea behind it was to find those at risk for heart disease and stroke and help them to modify their risk factors. We started with family members of those who had already had a heart attack or stroke. We checked their cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, stress and activity level, and their smoking history. View Full Post


Blood Transfusion Worries and Surgery

If you’re having elective surgery, among the many things on your mind may be the possibility that you will need a blood transfusion. Although using donor blood has become very safe in the last decade, there is one sure way to calm any lingering anxiety: donate your own blood to be used in the event you need it during surgery. View Full Post