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Blood Transfusion Worries and Surgery

If you’re having elective surgery, among the many things on your mind may be the possibility that you will need a blood transfusion. Although using donor blood has become very safe in the last decade, there is one sure way to calm any lingering anxiety: donate your own blood to be used in the event you need it during surgery. View Full Post


Toddlers High on Marijuana

There’s a frightening new outcome of the laws legalizing marijuana -- an increase in the number of toddlers being seen in emergency departments with marijuana overdoses. View Full Post


Ambien and Drowsy Morning Driving

You tossed and turned last night, so you got up and took a zolpidem (brand name: Ambien). Finally, sleep! As you hop into your car the next morning -- coffee in hand -- that Ambien still isn’t in your system. Or is it? View Full Post


Are Vitamins and Supplements a Waste of Money?

A couple of weeks ago, one of my patients came in for a visit with a bag full of 15 vitamins and supplements. She wanted me to review them and tell her which ones I thought were good and which ones were not. View Full Post


Doctor’s Visits: When Should You Take a Support Person?

My father-in-law is a farmer who lives alone thousands of miles away from us in the Midwest. For the last few years, he’s been plagued with various health problems, from the slight (sinus infections) to the serious (cancer). But after each doctor’s visit, when we’d ask him how he was, the conversation would go something like this . . . View Full Post