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Stop Googling Your Symptoms! AskMD Instead

I see patients all the time who searched their symptoms online only to arrive in the ER terrified by what they found. They may think they’re near death (most often they’re not). Others stay away because they found false reassurance after checking out their symptoms. That’s why Sharecare has launched AskMD, a mobile app that helps you get from wondering what could be wrong to what you can do about it. View Full Post


Climbing Out of Hormone Hell

I have a great respect for women’s hormones. Growing up with five sisters, I experienced their powerful influence on a daily basis. Today, my patients clearly show that hormones have a huge impact on brain function, especially for women. With balanced hormones you tend to feel happy and energetic. When your hormones are off, whatever your age, everything is harder. View Full Post


5 Survival Tips for Spouses of ADD Adults

After years of helping families through difficult times, I have seen many divorces between people who “truly loved each other” because of the stress of one or both partners having ADD. To maintain a positive and helpful attitude with your ADD loved one, check out these survival tips taken from my revised version of Healing ADD. View Full Post


Jobless? It Could Be Aging You

Unemployed men appear to age faster than those who are employed, according to a PLOS ONE study in November 2013. It’s just the latest research suggesting that being unemployed – or underemployed – is bad for your health. View Full Post


Can Psoriasis Lead to Arthritis? 4 Must-Know Facts

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that affects 7.5 million Americans. It occurs when a person’s immune system goes on the fritz and sends signals that tell skin cells to grow too fast. The new cells form in days instead of weeks. This causes them to pile up and creates patches of psoriasis. View Full Post