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Back to School: Adjusting to Earlier Bedtimes

One the best things about summer for kids is staying up later than usual. In this video, Dr. Daria Long Gillespie, Executive Vice President, Clinical Strategy at Sharecare and emergency room doctor in the Emory University Hospital Emergency Department, shares tips on how to help kids adjust to a ready-for-school bedtime routine. View Full Post


Labor Day: Tips to Stay Out of the ER

It’s Labor Day! One last hurrah of a holiday before autumn, last chance to wear white (or so grandmother says) and—the #1 holiday for the greatest number of injuries and trips to the ER – especially for children. View Full Post


Dr. Oz Rushes to Assist Accident Victim: Would You Know What To Do?

Last Tuesday at a busy Manhattan intersection, a cab jumped a curb, hitting a pedestrian and cyclist. The cyclist was treated at the scene. But the British tourist who was struck suffered more serious injuries: her leg above the foot and below the knee was severed, according to New York City police. She was sent to Bellevue Hospital, where she was undergoing surgery to try to reattach her right leg. View Full Post


Toddlers High on Marijuana

There’s a frightening new outcome of the laws legalizing marijuana -- an increase in the number of toddlers being seen in emergency departments with marijuana overdoses. View Full Post


Ambien and Drowsy Morning Driving

You tossed and turned last night, so you got up and took a zolpidem (brand name: Ambien). Finally, sleep! As you hop into your car the next morning -- coffee in hand -- that Ambien still isn’t in your system. Or is it? View Full Post