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As Concussions Rise, Is MRI Enough?

When a football player makes an awesome tackle that flattens the opponent, the crowd usually goes wild. What most fans don't see in all the excitement is the ugly side of sports -- brain injury. View Full Post


3 Exercises for a Tight Tummy

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How Safe Are OTC Meds During Pregnancy?

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Can Aspirin Lower Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer?

For a medication that costs pennies a day aspirin -- given at the onset of chest pain --has one of the greatest impacts on the reduction of death from heart attack than any other intervention. View Full Post


Can Chocolate Make You More Productive at Work?

Can chocolate doled out by your boss make you and your coworkers happier and more productive at work? (Hey, who doesn’t want to enjoy their job more?) That’s the theory that economists at the University of Warwick in Britain wanted to test. View Full Post