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3 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Many people will try just about anything to lose weight. But instead of grapefruit diets or drastic carb cutting, it may be time to try these three simple strategies recently suggested by Sharecare experts. View Full Post


Lose It With Lamb, Week 12

This week marked the end of another chapter in my weight loss journey: my weekly workouts with my trainer, Wendy Batts. Under her watchful eye, and with the help of Sharecare tools and trackers and my Weight Watchers eating plan, the past 12 weeks have brought about not only an additional 16-pound weight loss—bringing my weight loss total to 82 pounds—but also some remarkable changes that go beyond the number on the scale. Here are my favorites. View Full Post


Lose It With Lamb, Week 11

Three things happened this week to really drive home how much progress I'm making in my weight loss journey. View Full Post


Lose It With Lamb, Week 10

A major event took place this week that made me stop and think about how far I have come in my get-fit journey: My wife went out of town. Jody was not only my motivation for starting my weight-loss/health-gain but has been by my side 100 percent of the way. She has helped me celebrate my breakthroughs and supported me when I wasn't so successful. On a more day-to-day level, though, she has made it easy for me to stick to my program, keeping a ready supply of healthy food choices in the kitchen and encouraging me to exercise every day. View Full Post


Lose It With Lamb, Week 9

As you may know, I won a million dollars three months ago. My wife Jody and I have been very careful with that money. We haven't taken any long cruises or stayed in any fancy hotels or hired a personal chef. In fact, we haven’t splurged at all . . . until this week. View Full Post