Taylor Dahl

Taylor Dahl is the Associate Editor and Web Producer at Sharecare. Taylor has experience in digital, print and social media for companies such as Time Inc., Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing and the United States Marine Corps. Favorite exercise: dog-walking or the elliptical. Health vice: Diet Coke. Wellness goal: lose 15 pounds on the Transformation Nation program.

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Karen Watt: I Am Worth It

Today’s healthy transformer is Karen Watt from Venice, FL. Watt joined Transformation Nation last September after visiting her local Weight Watchers and learning she was morbidly obese. Find out how Watt is shedding pounds and taking charge of her life. View Full Post


Dawn Wood-Brooks: Losing Weight for a Healthy Heart

Today’s healthy transformer is Dawn Wood-Brooks, a 50-year old mother and wife from Ohio. Wood-Brooks was told by her doctors that she would need a heart transplant just five years ago, but through Transformation Nation and Weight Watchers, she has shed the pounds necessary to get a healthy heart and live a healthy life. View Full Post


Top Tips on Surviving Allergy Season

More than one-third of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. That’s why we polled our Facebook fans to see how they are surviving this record-breaking pollen season. Surprisingly, only 36 percent of you take over-the-counter antihistamines. Another 28 percent use alternative remedies, and 12 percent use prescription treatments. Almost one quarter of fans say they just stay inside and hide until it’s all over. View Full Post


Transformers: Have You Completed These Steps?

Last May, Dr. Oz and Sharecare created Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You. Since then, more than 700,000 of you have lost a combined 120,000 pounds! View Full Post


Teresa Evans: Down 40 Lbs!

Today’s healthy transformer is Teresa Evans from Blanchard, OK. Evans has lost a whopping 40 pounds since joining Weight Watchers and taking the Transformation Nation Challenge. We love her determination and how she’s turned her weight loss into a platform to encourage others to get healthy and stay in shape. View Full Post