Taylor Dahl

Taylor Dahl is the Associate Editor and Web Producer at Sharecare. Taylor has experience in digital, print and social media for companies such as Time Inc., Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing and the United States Marine Corps. Favorite exercise: dog-walking or the elliptical. Health vice: Diet Coke. Wellness goal: lose 15 pounds on the Transformation Nation program.

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6 Reasons I Show Up to Work Naked

Okay, I don’t actually come to work naked in real life, but I have in my dreams. I’ve also failed a college class I never knew I was taking, had all my teeth crumble and fall out of my mouth -- you name the classic nightmare, I’ve had it. It wasn’t until I took Sharecare’s nightmares quiz that I learned some of the reasons behind these recurring night frights. View Full Post


9 Things You Need to Know Now about the Flu

This is the worst flu season in years -- emergency rooms are filling up fast with beleaguered, feverish victims. If you’ve been lucky enough to escape the flu so far, it’s not too late to help make sure you don’t get it. We turned to Sharon Orrange, MD, and Jeremy Shapiro, MD, for answers to some common flu questions. View Full Post


Sandy Hook Shooting: Sharecare Experts React

We are living in a grief-stricken and shocked country. The Sandy Hook shooting has left many of us asking questions about what we can do to prevent another tragedy from happening. What do we tell our kids? How can we help them feel safe? The experts at Sharecare are here to help. View Full Post


Hey Santa, Stop Hitting Snooze!

I’m a young woman, but sometimes all of the STUFF that goes into Christmas, from the parties to the shopping to the family time, can be so exhausting! That’s why I rely on the experts at Sharecare for energy-boosting advice during this hectic time of year. View Full Post


Secrets to a Heart-Healthy Holiday

I seem to have no control over myself when it comes to Nana’s German chocolate cake or my mother’s corn dip. But the older I get, the more I’ve become aware of how what I eat directly affects my health—including my heart. That’s why I’m going to follow this Sharecare’s advice. View Full Post