Cathy Poley

Cathy Poley is a Senior Web Producer at Sharecare. She has managed web and video projects for companies such as Primedia, and Turner Broadcasting. Not only is Cathy a Sharecare employee, but she is also an avid Sharecare user, finding that the Q&As she reads inspire her to make better decisions about her health.

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My Weight Loss Journey: Old Habits Die Hard, But They Do Die

It happened! For the first time ever, I went on vacation and I lost weight! I didn’t see a large drop on the scale, but that’s okay. The needle is still headed in the right direction. View Full Post


My Weight-loss Journey: Managing Vacation

I’m heading to the beach this weekend. I’ve been doing so well on my weight-loss journey, and I’m a little nervous that going on vacation will throw me off track. After all, part of the fun of vacation is eating out at fancy, new places and getting to leave the everyday rules behind. I’m already catching myself slipping into vacation mindset, eating a little bit extra here and there, but I don’t want to unravel all the progress I’ve made so far. View Full Post


My Weight-Loss Journey: Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have been losing a decent amount of weight each week. I have been eating less and moving more. I am seeing results. I am in a really good place in my weight-loss journey. View Full Post


My Weight-loss Journey: Slip Ups

The farther I go in my weight-loss journey, the more I realize that what I think is just as important as what I eat or how much I move. View Full Post


My Weight-loss Journey: Learning to Eat Right

One big struggle that I’ve had throughout my weight-loss journey is eating right. I can manage a few days of eating the “right” foods, and then it seems I fall off the wagon. I am on a roller coaster of healthy food, junk food, healthy food, junk food—and I am having a hard time getting off. View Full Post