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A print editor turned digital junkie, Anne launched during her tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Parenting magazine and blogged at while Executive Editor at Health magazine. She launched and has worked at and

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Top Health Story #15: Head Injuries & Sports

Sidney Crosby, hockey’s biggest star, couldn’t play for 10 months following hits to the head in consecutive games in January, and then was benched indefinitely again with concussion-like symptoms after only eight games. Nearly 450,000 sports-related head injuries were treated in emergency rooms... View Full Post


Top Health Story #14: PSA Screening

The US Preventive Services Task Force recommended that doctors stop using the PSA prostate cancer test in patients without symptoms, deciding that the possible harms of treatment or incorrect results outweigh the test’s benefits. Many doctors strongly disagreed. Learn more from Dr. Michael Roizen... View Full Post


Top Health Story #13: Food Safety

Foodborne illness outbreaks were linked to cantaloupes, ground beef and Romaine lettuce. Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella was found in beef, turkey and chicken livers. Each year, one in six Americans gets sick from food poisoning, 148,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die. Learn more from Dr. Patricia... View Full Post


Mel Mueller: An Olympic Jumpstart

Who better than former Olympic pole-vaulter to help you jumpstart your fitness program? That’s why we’re pumped to feature Sharecare fitness pro Mel Mueller in today’s Fit Friday. The former Olympian (Sydney 2000) helps her clients identify... View Full Post


Got Cravings? How to Fight ‘Em

Are you a salt-aholic? Or an “I’ve got to have a candy bar right now” kind of gal? Cravings—whether they’re for potato chips or chocolate (one of the most frequently craved foods)—can really wreak havoc with diet and fitness... View Full Post