My Weight-Loss Journey: Excuses, Excuses!

I gained a pound… and I know exactly why.

Previously in my weight-loss journey I was being very careful—not obsessive—but mindful of what I ate, how much I moved and how I was doing, logging my food and activity in the Transform You2 tools. I knew that if my behaviors were heading me down the right path toward weight loss it would show up on the scale.

This week was a little different. I got overly confident about my progress and got a little lax about my food and exercise plans. I made excuses for behaviors that I knew were leading me away from my goals, and that is what showed up on the scale.

“I don’t need to log. I’ve got this.”
My appetite has changed, and I can get by with less food than I used to eat. So, I thought, surely I don’t need to log my food anymore. I can just trust that my body will naturally eat the right amount.

It turns out that, while I am better at listening to my body’s signals telling me when I’m hungry and when I’m full, without the structure of logging food, my calorie counts tend to drift upwards.

Lesson learned: When I don’t track everything I eat, I eat more — and more. I will log my food.

“I’m too busy”
This week has been very busy with lots of projects and lots of deadlines to meet. I would work at a fast pace during the day and then run errands and do everything else that needs to be done at home (laundry, dishes, etc.).

I thought, I am just too busy to exercise. I will exercise tomorrow. Then tomorrow would come, and I would make the same excuse. Then a week went by with no exercise.

I felt awful. I was tense and sluggish, and I didn’t like it.

Lesson learned: Exercising is exactly what I need to do when I’m busy. It relieves stress, fuels my energy, makes me more alert and  helps me focus on my work. I find I get more done when I make time to exercise.

“The gym is closed. I can’t exercise”
This week my gym was closed because it’s moving to a new location. This made it even easier to skip my workouts.

It’s not like I don’t have hand weights at home or I can’t walk around the neighborhood, but I saw an excuse and I grabbed it.

Lesson learned: I’ll formulate a plan B next time I’m thrown a curveball to overcome obstacles and help me stay on track.

“Just this once…”
When I am stressed I tend to turn to food for comfort, and without the exercise to relax me I was headed straight for the refrigerator… or the drive through… or that place down the street with the really good key lime pie.

I thought I have been so “good” for so long, I deserve a treat now and then. Just this once won’t kill me.

The problem is just this once didn’t happen just once. I was having treats every day. And I really did not get the satisfaction that I was looking for from these indulgences. They made me feel heavy and overfull. In some cases they made me a little queasy since I’d reduced how much sugar I was eating.

Lesson learned: If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer. Eating to feel good will not make me feel good. Eating good foods will make me feel good.

Does all this mean that I will be picture perfect from now on? No. I am sure there are days when I’ll eat a brownie or skip a trip to the gym.  A good friend once told me that the secret to weight loss was to have more good days than bad day. By tracking consistently and planning my workouts I will have more good days and then the bad days won’t have as much impact.

Want to join me on my weight loss journey? I’m following Sharecare’s free TransformYou2 program. It provides personal workouts, weekly nutrition tips and handy tools to track food, exercise and weight.


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Cathy Poley

Cathy Poley is a Senior Web Producer at Sharecare. She has managed web and video projects for companies such as Primedia, CNN.com and Turner Broadcasting. Not only is Cathy a Sharecare employee, but she is also an avid Sharecare user, finding that the Q&As she reads inspire her to make better decisions about her health.

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