Nursing: Work Worth Doing

This week Sharecare celebrates nurses during National Nurses Week.

Nursing is a grand profession. It’s grand because so many of you nurses are making such a positive impact on this planet. You help people, often when they need it most. You change lives for the better. You provide answers and provoke new questions. You navigate the health system for folks who are enduring health challenges so that no one has to feel alone. And you celebrate the human spirit, so that all of us can feel that anything might be possible.

Nurses are widely regarded as the most trusted source for health education, maybe because nurses understand that honest, open communication with folks about their diagnosis, concerns, fears and treatment options empowers them to make the important decisions.

Whether working with the old or the young, nurses help ease people’s fears by illuminating the unknown. Nurses guide adolescents through the trials of peer pressure. You point out the latest breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment. You show how to find dignity and grace in the last days of life. You help folks navigate the pathway forward, regardless of the diagnosis, with evidence-based information and with caring.

I am grateful to all nurses for taking on the hard questions and sharing the lessons you have learned from each other and those you serve. Nurses remind us every single day that one of the greatest privileges in life is to have the opportunity to work hard at work that is worth doing.

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Donna Hill Howes

Donna Hill Howes, RN, MS is Senior Vice President for Sharecare. An expert in consumer and professional health education, Ms. Hill Howes is responsible for the development of strategic content partnerships for the Sharecare platform. She was President of StayWell Productions (MediMedia) and stood at the helm of The International Health & Medical Media Awards, more commonly known as the “Oscars in Health & Medicine” for many years. Hill Howes was associate producer and host of the syndicated consumer health talk show, “Vital Signs" and was co-executive producer for the kids health series, “98.6 ALIVE!” Hill Howes associate produced and co-hosted the first-ever television series for nurses, “NURSING APPROACH”, sponsored by Sigma Theta Tau International.

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