Solving Childhood Obesity

Yay, Tiger!

A very cool thing happened last Saturday. Tiger Greene—the 15-year-old football-loving inspiration who lost nearly 80 pounds and started Team Tiger, a get-healthy movement for kids—helped host the third annual Sacking Obesity camp at the Georgia Superdome in Atlanta. NFL great Marcus Stroud was there, too, and brought along other football stars (the event was a joint effort of Team Tiger and the Marcus Stroud Charitable Foundation). Also present: a crowd of excited kids, who ran around the field doing NFL-like training, but without the pain and bruises. The kids and their parents also got health and nutritional info from doctors, nutritionists, trainers and chefs. 

Sharecare’s been a Tiger fan since 2012, when at age 12 he went on The Dr. Oz Show to talk about his desire to trim down from his peak weight of 250 pounds. For any parent watching, it was clear that this was a child in pain. His joints ached, he was tired a lot, and though he had lots of good friends, he also heard plenty of nasty comments from kids he didn’t even know. His dad had just gotten his fifth heart stent, and Tiger was scared for him, and for himself. “I’m afraid if I keep going like this, something bad could happen,” he said back then.

Tiger wanted to lose the weight, and he wanted to provide an example for other kids with similar problems. So, with the help of his parents and a program set up by Dr. Oz, he started to eat right and work out twice a day. Today he’s doing great: He’s cut his body fat in half (his waist size has shrunk by about a foot), his joints don’t hurt any more, and he has lots of energy. He continues with his get-healthy plan, which he explained in his book, Sacking Obesity: The Team Tiger Game Plan for Kids Who Want to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Win on and off the Playing Field, published late last year.

He has further to go in his journey toward health, he says, but he’s already met his goal of offering hope to other kids just like him. Don’t ask us; ask the White House. On Friday evening, Sharecare Advisory Board member Donna Hill Howes presented Tiger with a letter from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. “By walking the walk, you are serving as a ‘Champion’ for those who may find it difficult to live healthy and be active,” the letter read. “Way to go Tiger!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis is a deputy editor at Sharecare. She's spent years covering health at a variety of national magazines and in the digital universe, developing an allegiance to scientific research and a respect for what people know about their own bodies. She’s written for newspapers and magazines across the country, and helped launch Hippocrates magazine and guide it as it became Health magazine. Later, she was Deputy Executive Editor at Prevention, and then Health Editor at Reader’s Digest. She tries to spend as much time as possible with her family and friends, figuring that happiness is a key to health and a lot more fun than taking vitamins.

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