Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

It’s oh-so-easy to make a New Year’s resolution, but keeping it’s another story. This year, don’t be one of those people who break their resolutions in the time it takes to recover from a New Year’s hangover. Use these tips to make them stick. 

Tip #1: Don’t wait!
Whatever the healthy behavior you want to adopt is, just do it — now. Don’t wait until you feel like changing, says Barbara Ficarra, RN. Take action today, and let the success you achieve create the motivation you need to continue.  

Tip #2: Write down why
Mehmet Oz, MD, advises you to write down three reasons you want to break your bad habit and carry the list with you every day. Whenever you’re tempted to fall off the wagon, go to your list for a quick reminder of why your resolution is important to you.

Tip #3: Change your environment
Michael Roizen, MD, suggests you alter your routine to limit temptation. If your favorite lunch spot serves all the wrong foods, find a new favorite place that serves healthier fare. Dr. Roizen also suggests you create a mantra to reinforce your goal. Repeat it to yourself when the going gets tough.

Want more tips on keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Visit our Healthy Resolutions Center.

What resolutions did you make, and how to you plan to achieve them?

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