5 Weight Loss Secrets for Santa

Sure, we all find Santa’s big belly huggable, but it’s making him feel a little ho-hum. Santa turned to the experts at Sharecare for their best weight-loss tips, so he’ll be saying “Ho, Ho, Ho” before the holidays are over.

  1. Where Should Santa Start?
    Everyone, even Santa Claus, has to start somewhere when it comes to weight loss. The National Academy of Sports Medicine says all successful weight loss programs have the following in common: portion control, eating lots of whole grains and fruits and vegetables, eating breakfast, avoiding high caloric drinks and watching the sweets and other foods high in calories.
  2. Couples Who Stay Together, Lose Weight Together
    Santa and Mrs. Claus have one of the most celebrated and long-lasting marriages in history. But they also seem to share a bit of a belly-fat issue. Dr. Oz points out that “Your spouse can be your own worst enemy, and your closest ally, when it comes to weight loss.” The best way for the Claus family to lose weight is for them to be partners in a shared goal, says Dr. Larry Cheskin of Johns Hopkins Medicine. They could join an exercise or weight-loss program together.
  3. Skip the Cookies!
    Dr. Michael Roizen says more research is showing that there is a link between calcium and weight loss, so Santa can rest easy knowing that his favorite drink, milk, will assist in his quest to lose the extra weight.  If you really want to help Santa, instead of cookies you could offer him calcium-rich spinach, sardines, beans, sesame seeds, oranges or broccoli.
  4. Santa shouldn’t get over-caffeinated
    We know Santa’s a busy man. In the days and months leading up to Christmas he is working late nights making lists, checking them twice and inspecting all the toys at the North Pole. So we won’t ask him to give up his caffeine fix.  But he shouldn’t count on caffeine to help him lose weight (the National Academy of Sports Medicine says it’s not going to help). And he’ll need to compensate for his chocolate, coffee or cola intake by drinking more water, says Dr. Andrea Pennington. In fact, Santa should increase his H2O consumption by at least one and a half times the amount of caffeine he drinks.
  5. How Santa Can Lose that Jolly Belly Fast
    Here’s one thing on Santa’s side: heavy people can lose weight faster than thinner people because the heavier you are, the more calories it takes to perform any type of activity, says Ann Prokenpek, NASM Elite Trainer. And when Santa cuts his caloric intake to weight-loss levels, he’ll lose weight quicker than a thinner person.  If he adds some resistance training (does pulling that big bag through the chimney count?), he’ll up his calorie burn.

Good luck Santa!


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Taylor Dahl

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