Three Halloween Don’ts for Adults

Costumes are at least half the fun of Halloween. Whether you’re going as a woman in a binder (inspired by the second Presidential debate) or your favorite character from the Avengers, remember these tips from Sharecare experts to avoid playing a trick on your health.

Don’t Buy Contacts Where You Bought Your Costume
Fan of “The Walking Dead” or the Breaking Dawn vampire clan the Cullens? The red eyes (or the dead eyes) make the look, but you’ll want to skip the colored-contact lenses section at your local party store. According to Aaron Weingest, MD, of the American Academy of Opthamology, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all contact lens, and it’s actually illegal for retailers to sell contact lenses without a prescription. Want to hear a really scary story? “Wearing contacts that are not properly fitted can result in scratches to your eye, serious infections and vision loss,” says Dr. Weingest. Purchase these decorative lenses from an eye care professional or a seller that asks for a prescription.

Don’t Let Makeup Give Your Skin the Creeps
If a “Jersey Shore” star or the infamously leathered “Tanning Bed Mom” are more your speed this Halloween, you’ll need a lot of bronzer for sure. Just do a patch test before slathering on all that makeup to make sure it won’t irritate your skin or eyes.  And no matter how tired you are the end of the party, wash off the makeup before bed to avoid further skin irritation. If your costume involves heavy chain necklaces à la The Situation and his roommates, make sure you don’t have a nickel allergy before piling on the bling.

Don’t Block the View
As scary as a Romney or Obama mask may be to people of the opposing party, not being able to see out of it is scarier. Make sure your vision is unobstructed to prevent an embarrassing fall. If you’re going as the latest political protestor—Big Bird—or if you’re just an Angry Bird, make sure your costume fits close to your body and is made of a flame-resistant material. It may be hunting season, but there’s no need for any birds to be harmed Halloween night.

I’m not dressing up this year, but Halloween does bring out the Cookie Monster in me because I’m tempted to eat everything sweet in sight. If you’re like me, take our Halloween candy quiz to find out which treats you can eat with less guilt.

Who are you dressing up as this year? Lady Gaga? Katniss? Honey Boo-Boo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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