Dr. Oz Takes Aim at the HPV Epidemic

Could you have HPV and not know it? It’s entirely possible. As many as 80 percent of all sexually active people will have been exposed to the virus by the time they turn 50. Once believed to be harmless, HPV is now known to be the main cause of cervical cancer—which kills more than 4,000 women each year—as well as several kinds of cancer in men. HPV has no symptoms, no treatment and no cure.

It’s time to spread the word about this silent epidemic, and Sharecare is here to help. Watch the video for a no-holds-barred conversation, led by Mehmet Oz, MD, with internationally known HPV researcher Diane Harper, MD and OB-GYN Lauren Streicher, MD to learn how you can protect yourself (and your kids) from HPV, the latest on HPV vaccines and advice on talking to your children about this threat to their health.

You may be shocked to discover how HPV can be transmitted, what kinds of cancer it can cause and what you don’t know about the HPV vaccine.

For more on HPV, check out our HPV information center. Get informed now—before it’s too late.

Did you, or will you, have your daughter or son vaccinated against HPV? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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