Lose It With Lamb, Week 11

Three things happened this week to really drive home how much progress I’m making in my weight loss journey.

The first took place in my closet. Before the big Transformation Nation finale about three months ago, the Dr. Oz Show people gave me a new outfit. At that point, the skinny jeans seemed really skinny, and the sports coat fit just right. A few days ago, 32 pounds later (and lighter), I tried on the clothes again. Those jeans? They’re so loose I need a belt to hold them up. And that sports coat? It’s so big that it drapes over my shoulders like a sack, with the sleeves drooping down over my palms. Just for fun, I tried the coat on over one of the jackets I wear to work. It fit, with a bit of room to spare. Heads up, Goodwill!

The second was actually something that didn’t happen. Namely, no one asked me about my weight loss. In fact, people have stopped commenting on it. They no longer look surprised (or even notice) when I have salad for lunch or break into a trot in the hallway to beat my kids to class. When I first realized this, I was disappointed. Then the truth sank in: People have begun to think of me as normal-weight guy, not a used-to-be-fat person. And that, I think, is pretty cool.

The third thing happened during my workout. My trainer, Wendy, introduced me to a new piece of equipment: the speed ladder. (Picture a tall, skinny ladder made of webbing, laid out on the floor.) Using it requires balance, agility and, well, speed—and it turns out I had plenty. Whether I was shuffling, hopping or jumping, I mastered the footwork while keeping up a good pace and without losing my breath. Check out this week’s workout to get a glimpse, then try it for yourself. You don’t need an actual speed ladder, either—just tape out a ladder shape on the floor and you’re good to go.

Only 18 pounds left to go to until I hit my weight loss goal of 100 pounds! Any ideas on how I should celebrate?

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Michael Lamb

I am a 55-year-old male who started off my journey at 5' 11" and 300 pounds. I won Doctor Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar Contest by losing 48 pounds to bring attention to my wife's (Jody's) potential need for a kidney. Jody has Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 3 caused by Lupus Nephritis. Jody was only diagnosed two years ago, and she was already at Stage 3 so we don't know how fast her kidneys are failing. (Was it a quick decline or have her kidneys been slowly failing over the past two decades?) Through a combination of diet (Weight Watchers) and exercise (membership at two fitness clubs) I have been losing 1-2 pounds each week. I have done this while managing to teach Architecture, Design, and Drafting at a career academy, care for my elderly parents, keep my three children on "the straight and narrow", and move 50 miles to spare my wife the agony of our daily teaching commute. I have since lost another 17 pounds but still have 35 more to go. Help me reach my 100 pound weight loss goal . . . I need all the support I can muster.

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