Lose It With Lamb, Week 9

As you may know, I won a million dollars three months ago. My wife Jody and I have been very careful with that money. We haven’t taken any long cruises or stayed in any fancy hotels or hired a personal chef. In fact, we haven’t splurged at all . . . until this week.

The house we recently moved into (we actually downsized!) is near a bike path, so we finally decided to invest in a pair of bicycles. Jody chose a blue flowered Schwinn 3-speed; I chose a red and black Schwinn trail bike. Why bother to tell you the colors? Well, we also bought a dog trailer to pull behind us—our dog, Maggie, a boxer/shepherd/spaniel mix, pretty much goes everywhere we go—and the trailer is red. Jody says it clashes with her bike, so I get to pull it.

Towing Maggie in the trailer has been quite an eye-opener. Together, dog and carrier weigh 79 pounds. The total weight I’ve lost so far? About 79 pounds. So in essence, I am now pulling all of the weight I’ve lost. And it’s heavy, especially when we’re toiling up those Georgia hills. It’s hard to imagine that all of those pounds used to be on my body, particular around my midsection. No wonder my back was always killing me!

It’s amazing all the things I like to do—and am able to do—now that I am in better shape. At the gym, I swim, run on the treadmill, do the elliptical and stairmaster, lift weights and do core exercises. Outside, I bike, walk, run, push-mow and garden, plus raft and do zip lines whenever we have the opportunity (Jody and I both love a good adrenaline rush).

I’ve also been playing more golf, so this week Wendy, my trainer, cooked up a full-body workout centered around flexibility and rotation, the two major ingredients for improving your swing. But whether or not you golf, it’s a challenging all-around routine that’s definitely worth a try (or two) this week.

All of this activity seems to be helping at the scale, too, as I lost 1.8 pounds this week. How did you do?

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Michael Lamb

I am a 55-year-old male who started off my journey at 5' 11" and 300 pounds. I won Doctor Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar Contest by losing 48 pounds to bring attention to my wife's (Jody's) potential need for a kidney. Jody has Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 3 caused by Lupus Nephritis. Jody was only diagnosed two years ago, and she was already at Stage 3 so we don't know how fast her kidneys are failing. (Was it a quick decline or have her kidneys been slowly failing over the past two decades?) Through a combination of diet (Weight Watchers) and exercise (membership at two fitness clubs) I have been losing 1-2 pounds each week. I have done this while managing to teach Architecture, Design, and Drafting at a career academy, care for my elderly parents, keep my three children on "the straight and narrow", and move 50 miles to spare my wife the agony of our daily teaching commute. I have since lost another 17 pounds but still have 35 more to go. Help me reach my 100 pound weight loss goal . . . I need all the support I can muster.

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