3 Ways to Boost Your Energy

It’s Watch-This Wednesday—the day we look at the newest videos on Sharecare.com. This week Sharecare experts share ways to boost your energy.

  1. Our first energy booster comes from Dr. Mehmet Oz, and it is absolutely free! In this video Dr. Oz describes how changing the way you breathe can give you more energy to get you through the day. Breathe, people, breathe!
  2. Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee to get a lift, try licorice extract, says homeopath Bryce Wylde. In this video Wylde reveals the energetic properties of this natural remedy.
  3. If your energy is flagging, your diet could be the culprit. Dr. Oz explains the food and drink that can hike—or hurt—your energy levels.

What is your favorite energy booster? Let us know. 

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Cathy Poley

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