Dawn Wood-Brooks: Losing Weight for a Healthy Heart

Today’s healthy transformer is Dawn Wood-Brooks, a 50-year old mother and wife from Ohio. Wood-Brooks was told by her doctors that she would need a heart transplant just five years ago, but through Transformation Nation and Weight Watchers, she has shed the pounds necessary to get a healthy heart and live a healthy life.

Weight lost: 25 lbs

Inches lost: 5 inches

Her turning point: “I quit smoking in February of 2010 and gained more than 40 pounds….and just kept packing on the pounds. I couldn’t stand myself. I couldn’t breathe, so I started walking. My cholesterol has always been bad, and I knew that a big belly wasn’t helping either. It also wasn’t helping my history of cardiomyopathy and stroke.”

How she stayed on track: “Weight Watchers is the key to my success. It’s allowed me to drop the weight. I’ve learned to cook healthier and make smarter choices.  I know this has to be my new lifestyle or else I’ll be right back where I was.”

Her health check-up: “[My doctors told me] five years ago that I would need a heart transplant. Now, my heart is considered within normal limits and my cholesterol and blood pressure are also down.”

Her goals: “What life I have left, I would like to be healthy…I just keep moving my weight down five percent at a time, and I’ll know when I get to my goal.


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Taylor Dahl

Taylor Dahl is the Associate Editor and Web Producer at Sharecare. Taylor has experience in digital, print and social media for companies such as Time Inc., Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing and the United States Marine Corps. Favorite exercise: dog-walking or the elliptical. Health vice: Diet Coke. Wellness goal: lose 15 pounds on the Transformation Nation program.

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