Terri King: I Gave up making excuses for myself

Today’s healthy transformer is Terri King, a New York mother of four children and grandmother of 9 children. We love her determination—especially during the busy holiday season. Her hard work is paying off!

 Weight lost: 13 lbs.

Biggest hurdle: “Giving up pasta and bread. I also am a nighttime-snacker.”

Most proud of:  “I stuck with it through the holidays and I gave up making excuses for myself.”

Wake-up call: “I never realized how much I weighed until I went to a Weight Watchers weigh-in for the program. I was surprised to learn how much help I needed. I am learning more and more how to get control of my life every day.”

Breakfast of choice: “Rice Chex and fruit with Silk soy milk or an egg with fruit, oatmeal or cream of rice.”

One change that has made the most difference: “I completely gave up on bread and pasta. With me it’s all or nothing. I have always loved Diet Pepsi. I gave that up as well  so now I drink a lot of water. I also never ate breakfast, so it is different for me to eat in the morning.”

How she tracks her weight loss: “I log into coach on Transformation Nation.”

Exercise she is doing most: “Treadmill, Wii Fit and Active 2 Personal Trainer. I also enjoy long walks in the woods with my dog.”

Secrets to fighting food cravings: “Hot Black cherry tea makes me think I am cheating. I also like grapefruit pealed and sectioned, by the time I am ready to eat it – it satisfies me. I do also have always enjoyed pumpkin seeds.”

What is driving her to keep going: “My health. I am diabetic and have hypertension .  I don’t have any insurance, so I have to get healthy on my own. My children are my main motivation. I need to be there for them as long as possible.”

Her mantra: “Destination is not goal – but keeping on the journey is.”

What is driving her energy: “It is a struggle just trying to eat healthier. I now eat snacks that are healthier and EXERCISE gives me energy.”

How she avoided weight gain/overeating during the holidays: “I surprised people at our family dinner by bringing foods I could eat, such as venison garlic meatballs in a light tomato sauce.”

Have you joined Transformation Nation and weighed in? To be eligible for the $1 million prize you need to weigh in by February 26 (it’s free at Weight Watchers). 

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