Fit Friday: Serena Rain: Thinking Outside the Gym

NASM Elite Trainer and Sharecare expert Serena Rain doesn’t hold her training sessions in a gym. She meets her clients at their homes or on local trails. “My philosophy is we don’t need fancy equipment to stay in shape,” Rain says. “With a pair of shoes, the resistance of ones own body, and pure determination, we can all get fit and live healthy lives.”

On Sharecare, Rain gives advices on topics such as how to make exercise more enjoyable and how to stick with your fitness program.

We talked with Rain to find out more about her approach to fitness, her secret pastime and what’s always in her fridge.

Day job: “Trainer by morning. Mom in the afternoon. I’m an independent personal trainer, and my business is Wise Physique. I emphasize the importance of moving in ones own environment.”

Favorite quote: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” — Robert Collier

Proud to be: “Nearly 40. I believe my most valuable asset is my life experience. I’m proud to have made it this far, and am excited by what’s yet to come.”

Favorite activity: “Camping”

Health mission: “The end game isn’t about changing our body into something it’s not, but making it the healthiest, strongest and most vital body to live in. Once we can move comfortably and freely and are in good health, everything else follows.”

What’s always in her fridge: “Fresh pineapple.”

The one healthy thing she does every day: “I start every day with a greens and fruit smoothie. It’s my equivalent to coffee.”

Passion: “Travel. I enjoy traveling by car and train because I love seeing the landscapes of the places through which I’m traveling. The most interesting parts of travel to me, however, are the interactions I have with people along the way.”

Fitness passion: “Yoga!”

Secret pastime: “I secretly enjoy knitting tiny projects – tiny flowers, tiny fruits, tiny toys, tiny hats. I have a background in textile design, so it’s a little taste of my past. It’s a good creative outlet and gives me the instant gratification of making something by hand, without the time commitment required by larger projects”

Weight-management secret: “Move frequently and have fun doing so. You’re most likely to stick to a program you enjoy.

“Eat fresh, and cook from scratch. You can most effectively control your calories when you know for a fact what you’re eating. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. I always keep fresh fruits and vegetables stocked and ready to go. I keep empty calories off my shelves and out of my house. I don’t shop for groceries while hungry because I’ll forget the foods I went in for and come home with the foods I don’t want.

Advice to live by: Be kind to yourself. Focus on what you do right. Be curious. Dare to try. Start now.

What she loves about Sharecare: I love the community! I love that we come together with the common goal of losing weight and living healthier lives and that we find the friendships and support we need to be successful in achieving those goals, all from the comfort of our own homes.

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